High Plains Samurai – The Golden Box (Openly Gamer Theatre)

Three bounty hunters all seek the same things, a clueless man named Marco and the Golden Box in his possession. The only things that stands in their way is a legendary hunter and a psycho killer.

High Plains Samurai is a setting for Broken Ruler’s ScreenPlay RPG.


Vendetta Black – Shannon Steele
Kaze Sora – Brandon Irwin
Mr. Runcitter – Aaron Woodside
Narrator – Eric Ausley
Guard – Mario Garcia
Brad – Todd Crapper
Old Lady – Jennifer Ausley
Kiki – Marielena Alcaraz
Khilmore – Chris Hussey
Marco Portune – Michael Waldschlager II
Belidia Runcitter – Katarina Ausley


Benjamin Tissot ( bensound.com )
Machinimasound ( machinimasound.com )


Edited by Eric Ausley & Dan Helderman
Written and Directed by Eric Ausley

Source: Gamerstable RPG Society

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