We Used To Be Friends – Fire at Twin Falls (Openly Gamer Theatre)

Welcome to Twin Falls Colorado.

Picking up the pieces after the tragic death of their friend, Clarissa Steen, the gang decides to help out a classmate whose dad is accused of arson.



Michael Waldschlager – J.P. Harris

Chris Hussey – Trap Bannon

Quinn Wilson – Andy Lam

Shannon Steele – Kitty Brinkley

Eric Ausley – Terrence Steen



Alan Sells – Bosco

Katarina Ausley – Vivian Johnson

Casey McKenzie – Hospital Administrator

Courtney Hilden – Mandy

Mike Perna – Steve Johnson

Todd Crapper – Brian Weidman

James Wiley – Party Douche

Rebecca Stormcrowe – Lexi


Script Written by Eric Ausley

Directed by Eric Ausley

Theme Music by Nicholas Murphy

Background Music by BenSound & Machinimasound

We Used to be Friends is property of Jonathan Lavallee

Source: Gamerstable RPG Society

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